Port Royal & The Cherry Dolls @ The Brightside // 02.02.18

The night of 2.2.18 was a cool night in the valley with a light sprinkle. By the time I reached the Brightside by 8pm all the chairs being shaded by the rain have been taken already . So instead I waited in the rain while we waited for doors. Doors open shortly after at 8:10 for a 8:15 set from The Duke. As I entered into the venue I notices a large projection of bright red cherries and a banner of the Port Royal logo hang high above The Brightside stage.

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VOIID – Silly Girl


The all-girl punk band VOIID, today, are releasing their new single Silly Girl.  The band describes it as a result of all the silly things they’ve dealt with as a band. The punk relics are setting quite the high standard in the Brisbane punk music scene. With this new single, VOIID plan on knocking you down a peg or two by telling it how it is, sincerely and fiercely. No fake news here.

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Holy Holy @ The Zoo // 28.01.18

There were reports saying that the first Brisbane show of the Holy Holy tour was quite the sauna. Based on these reports I came prepared with minimal makeup and jeans. You can imagine my excitement when I discovered the venue had hired 3 industrial aircons for the night. Before there was even enough bodies in the room to call it crowd, I was abusing the cold water self service station.

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The Dollar Bill Murrays – Dancing With Death


Dancing with Death was released 15.12.17 and is harnessing some serious dark, mischievous and very death-y undertones  which is highly appropriate giving the title of the song. All I am seeing is a person/devil dancing on a pit of fire. That guitar riff is going to be stuck in my head until my next review. The track is currently stuck on repeat, thats why.

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