Atlas And The Attic Come Out Of Hiding With New Track

Atlas and the Attic are excited to announce their new simple and calming singer/songwriter track, Hidden.  The wonderful homemade track is predictable in all the right ways. Hidden is great for those Sunday afternoons with an ice tea on your back porch.

You can check out Hidden here!

Hazel Mei Is Brisbane’s Birdie With Put That Bottle Down

Hazel Mei has more than deserved Brisbane playlist first every 5 headphone rating with her new track Put That Bottle Down. The simple piano and strong but soft vocals allows me to draw parallels between Hazel Mei and the one and only Birdie.

As the song progresses, soft percussion and light guitars join in on the track. Aside from the dark undertones in the lyrics of Put That Bottle Down you could play this song at your wedding. If not, you can at least slow dance in your lounge room to it.

You can check out Put That Bottle Down here!

Haunting New Music By Chakra Efendi – Waste Of Space


Eighteen year old music prodigy Chakra Efendi shares his very first release to the world called Waste of Space

The first thing that grabs your attention are the reverb guitars and the unsuspected tempo change.  Chakra envelopes as sense of hopelessness and airiness with the vocals, as if a small breeze could quickly swallow his words. It’s one of those songs you listen to when your having a bad day… a song that can easily empathise with your unique situation. Or perhaps song that you can look back from after the dark days. The low-fi, echoing sensation is one to stick in your head for the rest of the coming weeks.

“I wrote ‘Waste of Space’ during a part of my life that I was experiencing dissociation for the first time. I was completely oblivious and uneducated as to what it was that I was feeling… (Its was) a very confusing time where my world was a constant blur of artificial people and scenarios that seemed as if they had been written as the plot for a bad sitcom.”

With his new four piece band, including Marli Smales (bass), Thomas Hobbs (guitar) and Fin Marx (drums), the single is already attracting all corners of Brisbane. Chakra Efendi will be playing at the Outer Space in West End for the Brisbane Youth Week next week and has plenty new music along the horizon. Thanks Chakra for the beautiful new music!


Check out the new single down below!



Wingman Release Debut Single With Nothing To Lose

Wingman are excited to share their debut single Nothing To Lose that they describe as having an 80’s flavour to it. Wingman are self proclaimed Super Pop musicians with a whole mixing pot of genres and decades.

Their new track, Nothing To Lose, sounds as though it came straight off the Rock Of Ages movie soundtrack. The 80’s nitty gritty rock n’ rock track is packed to the brim with guitar riffs that are stuck-in-the-head worthy.

You can check out Nothing To Lose here!

Daryl Jame’s Hot New Single – Moth To The Flame



Daryl James is once again blessing 2018 with new music from his debut album ‘Insofar’ which are hitting the shelves on Thursday. The single Moth To The Flame is one of many songs in the album showcasing a combustion of sounds only hinted in his older music. This time Daryl James is stronger than ever delivering John Butler-esk vocals, gritty guitars solo’s and a constant driving force to the very last note.

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Beneb – Crazy

Pop rock artist Ben Mackay, also known as Beneb,  is the master behind the new single Crazy. The smoothed out running bass and havoc sounding instrumentals immediately grabs your attention when you press play. In addition to the high beats per minute, the repetition of the lyrics really sets the single’s name in motion. Crazy is an electrical, havoc creating, hot mess that really gets the heart racing. Nonetheless, the perfect pick me up before an important meeting at work or dinner with the in-laws.

We are sure to hear more from Beneb with new music very soon. So make sure you keep in touch on his Spotify and Socials!

Check out the Crazy here!

Confidence Man – Don’t You Know I’m In A Band

Brisbane’s one and only Confidence Man have graced us once again with a brand new track, Don’t You Know I’m In A Band, that came with their announcement of a world tour and their debut album! Confidence Man has had a great track record so far with their previous releases. I wouldn’t expect anything less from these guys then another killer dance anthem.

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