Confidence Man @ The Triffid // 04.05.18

It’s a quiet night at the Triffid. People are trickling in slowly, buying drinks and catching up. As I get comfy in the corner of the hanger I find myself curious about what the night awaits. The gig spread online promises a night of dance fiesta and warning fans to be ready for some dancing. My imagination goes wild as costumes, colourful lights and fast paced music comes to mind. Continue reading “Confidence Man @ The Triffid // 04.05.18”

Milk Factory Condensed: Sweetened @ The Milk Factory // 29.04.18

The white walls of the classic Queensland pub glistens in the afternoon sun. Rain clouds emerge from the surrounding buildings, but fortunately the the rain holds off.

As I walk in a find myself transported back into history with vintage Toohey’s posters and old furniture. However the modern printed music posters plastered on the walls reminds you that you’re still in the 21st century. Continue reading “Milk Factory Condensed: Sweetened @ The Milk Factory // 29.04.18”

Daryl James @ The Bearded Lady // 22.03.18

As we walk through the inviting doors of the The Bearded Lady we see Daryl James launch posters plastered over the rustic walls. The smell of hops fills my nostrils and bubbly chatter gurgles around the warm venue.

Quintessential ‘West-Enders’ sit around the bar chatting about their week, laughing their worries away. An old sign hangs high above our heads reading ‘A Place For The Lonely’….definitely a quirky and laid back venue.

Eight o’clock reads on my phone and people trickle into the stage area. Daryl James stands by the door welcoming everyone with a warm smile and embraces his closest friends and fans.  Continue reading “Daryl James @ The Bearded Lady // 22.03.18”

KB Theory @ Black Bear Lodge // 14.03.18

Anxiously waiting to start their Wednesday night gig at the Black Bear Lodge, the band sat side stage as one of the drummer was tapping away. I did notice tonight set list was a bit strange;  Age Champion, were the final act to perform last for KB Theory’s Single Launch Party.

Since my last visit to the Lodge it has had a nice little reverb. Between the second hand chairs and the large landscape portraits on the wall, it kinda felt like I was in my grandmothers house. It has a nice home-y feel to it.

Selfish Sons

People slowly trickling into the venue one by one as Selfish Sons get underway with the coast rock set. The double denim ing three piece seemed to be familiar with the crowd as shared cheeky grins and classic crowd antics. KB Theory and Age Champion join in with the crowd, cheering on Selfish Sons.

As the crowd sang back to the band, I realised that his voice reminded me of a more softer and kinder version of Derek Saunders from Mayday Parade. Between the crowds encouragements of public nudity, the coastal vocals and raw sounds encourage the crowd to move with the music.

There was chatter heard over a “slower song about a girl”, however it is almost diminished as the lead singer, Jordy, pours out more and more emotion into his performance.

“This is a song I wrote when I was angry” was followed by a grunge post punk sound which was nothing like we’ve heard tonight. I could hear the anger in the vocals, the drums and even the bass. The increased tempo finale has me pumped for whats coming next.

KB Theory

In amongst the crowd there was a strong connection with them and KB Theory. I’m wasn’t sure if it was the friends and family support or if its the locals enjoying the local talent. Either way KB Theory, the local soft rock band, put on a show I haven’t seen in a long time.

As the audience clapped along to Don’t Waste My Time, I gotta put my hands together for lead singer, Dylan, for powering through a rough throat. They thanked the crowd for coming out on a Wednesday night as they didn’t expect this many people

After a quick cuddle and a drink, the band began playing a new one which was played first time 2 days ago, raw vocals echoing throughout Black Bear. The new track is being released soon and the audience had loved it with applause and cheer.

The rest of the set was in questions when Dylans throat had been pushed to the edge but the show must go on. Drummer, Andrew, supported Dylans vocals for the rest of the show. The crowd also joined in to relieve Dylan of most vocal duty and danced the night away. The support and love in the room was more than I have seen in a long time. The crowd went crazy for the mad drum solo to finish off the track.

Dylan spoke “Ladies and gentlemen the one you’ve been holding out for, Lights of Tokyo.” My comments on their new release still stand however the live experience and the added element of a community like feel gives the track a whole new dimension.

When it comes to finishing their set, KB Theory do not mess about. Sore throats were not holding them back. The crowds reactions and support didn’t disappoint either.

Age Champion

The local musos built on UQ soil effortlessly shifted between rock and soft rock in track I’ll Take You There. The grungy vocals entertainment those left after KB Theory set. It was a set that draw in other musos like Port Royal to take a peak at.

The three piece managed to move the entire room, as I felt the floor boards beneath my feet move from the jumping crowd, but not enough to cause structural damage.

The experimental vocals and traces of the great in track Get Up forced me on my feet to dance along side he crowd and their antics. Black Bear are not estranged from having music such as Age Champion leak from their windows and entrance onto the Brunswick street below.

The crowds involvement created a whole new atmosphere to the rock heavy tracks as everyone was on their feet and moving in one way or another. The band was also working up a sweat from the movement heavy set.

Killer track after loaded track, the night rocked on and so did the crowd. There was no sign of rest for them anytime soon. The night ended as hard as it started and my god am I glad I witnessed this one. A few acts to keep an eye on eye.

Cub Sport @ The Triffid // 11.03.18

It’s a cool Sunday night and the rain has finally gone to rest for the weekend. A long line of excited fans wait patiently outside to get into the warm venue. Cub Sport attracting all different kinds of people: male, female, young and old.

The doors of the old commercial hanger open and body’s start to trickle in.  The dimly light venue, that is The Triffid, is shining bright with the smiles of the fans. Continue reading “Cub Sport @ The Triffid // 11.03.18”

Young Franco @ Little Big House // 01.03.18

It’s a sticky and humid Thursday afternoon. We arrive at Little Big House with sweat on our foreheads and a thirst for good tunes. The newly refurbished Queenslander is a charming building full of history juxtaposed against modern twists of 21st century interiors. Neon lights hang on palm tree wallpaper against vintage brown oak floors and a finely picked furniture. This venue is a hidden gem that cannot be found any where else.

As the afternoon sun starts to fade behind the Southbank train station, the wind picks up and people start to stroll in. Pink froze’s and boutique beers are quickly consumed before the heat dissolves cold release.

Continue reading “Young Franco @ Little Big House // 01.03.18”