Confidence Man @ The Triffid // 04.05.18

It’s a quiet night at the Triffid. People are trickling in slowly, buying drinks and catching up. As I get comfy in the corner of the hanger I find myself curious about what the night awaits. The gig spread online promises a night of dance fiesta and warning fans to be ready for some dancing. My imagination goes wild as costumes, colourful lights and fast paced music comes to mind.

Lex Deluxe

Glowing under the blue light wearing a black vested dress, Lex Deluxe sets off the night with a sci-fi inspired intro and mix bag of 1980’s dance/funk. With her headphones on and head bopping to the beat, her hands tweak knobs on the table. Lex is well and truly ready to give us night of nostalgic colourful beats.

And the crowd slowly but surely warms up to the Sydney based DJ with a group of fans groovin’ on the dance floor. As a result their hip’s sway side to side and feet are shuffling to the disco classics. Every so often the re-mixed tunes morphs into a more familiar sound of the ‘naughties’ era.

After a quarter of an hour the Two Mystery Men from Confidence Man strut onstage wearing their usual black attire and masked hat. Flashing strobes break up the blue hue and the large crowd cheers for more. Robotic gestures and dance moves are made to the beat of Lex’s music. However suddenly they freeze into a statue. Every so often the couple move to the beat and freezes.

Confidence Man

The Triffid is packed the brim with confidence fans bubbling with excitement. All of a sudden the background music cuts and the single Bubblegum from their latest album ‘Confident Music for Confident People’ play’s. The crowd goes absolutely nuts, jumping up and down and yelling out the quirky lyrics.

The duo are matching wearing pure white clothing which is no surprise from them. Every live concert or press shot they are matching in some way or another. However I am surprised about the ‘cuteness’ level of Janet Planet’s outfit. Usually she goes for short dolly gown, however tonight she rocks a tight crop and a short skirt. Perhaps this is reflection of a more sexy, confident future for the duo?

Janet’s and Reggie’s lyrics are talked through the microphone using over the top facials expressions. Reggie’s sexy and deep baritone’s harmonises Janet’s higher pitch vocals perfectly.

As the live set carries on the couple move, dance, and walk in sync. Every step Janet takes is reflected on the opposite side of the stage. The catchy, dance driven foursome are all rocking in sync, symmetrically moving in a robotic sense. As a result the crowd mimics their dance moves with hands thrown in different angles and fairy fingers twinkling in the air.

The duo walk of stage a few times during the show with the mystery men taking over the show playing electronic singles like Sailboat Vacation. The first couple of times they parade back on the stage wearing black sunnies and masks during the Don’t You Know I’m in a Band’ and C.O.O.L Party tunes.

However my mind was blown with their third costume change. The duo strut on wearing swirling colourful lights on their white clothing. Janet rocks the a pointed light-up bra  whilst Reggie dominates with light-up shoulder pads. The whole scene looks like a Star Trek episode on LSD.

The entirety of the live gig was a theatrical show with dance, song, and light spectacles. My fascination with Confidence Man is their ability to sustain their choreographed dance moves for the whole hour and a half. It was a visual spectacle and quirky musical event!

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