WAAX Dive Into Emotional Territory With Labrador Single

Punk-vibes WAAX throws us a bender with their new emotionally-charged single Labrador. Slowly rising in intensity, the drums and guitars don’t overpower the song straight away, allowing the catchy vocals and melody to be the opening focal point of the song. The layers of guitar and drumbeats are carefully added, taking us up to the first heavy drop of the song. When the instruments do power up in the chorus, we are ready to ride along WAAX’s roller coaster of emotion and plummet into the depths of the track.

The single loops and turns, with subtle moments like the second bridge’s muted guitar strumming and intimate vocals making it a real emotional journey.

The track explores events from the lead singer’s past in a direct way for the first time.

“This song is the first time I’ve ever spoken so candidly about my past,” De Vita elaborates. “The title is named after the suburb where I spent a lot of time when I was in my late teens and it’s where a significant relationship ended. Basically, the song underpins the way I felt around the time. I feel like this was the time I began to struggle with depression and when I was about 18, battled with body image issues. When my relationship ended, I didn’t really write music for a couple of years, I smashed my guitar. I felt kind of worthless. I clung to self-deprecation, I felt safe there. I had voices around me that said I wouldn’t amount to anything musically and I thought ‘you were right all along, you’re better than me. I’m never enough.’”

Check out the single and their upcoming tour below!

Beautiful Synth Single Weigh You Down by Keelan Mak

Weigh You Down is a heavily-layered electronic track that follows the crystal-carved vein of electronic pop with the likes of Troye Sivan. Sung, written and produced by Keelan Mak, it incorporates unique sample sounds and backing vocals to transport you to a dimly light, otherworldly cave of music. Keelan Mak’s beautiful voice echoes off the walls, reaching back to you with strobes of light through the mist.

The production on the song is eerie and encompassing, but the song maintains an uplifting feel.

Listen to Weigh You Down here!

Confidence Man @ The Triffid // 04.05.18

It’s a quiet night at the Triffid. People are trickling in slowly, buying drinks and catching up. As I get comfy in the corner of the hanger I find myself curious about what the night awaits. The gig spread online promises a night of dance fiesta and warning fans to be ready for some dancing. My imagination goes wild as costumes, colourful lights and fast paced music comes to mind. Continue reading “Confidence Man @ The Triffid // 04.05.18”

Port Royal Smash It With Single Rock & Roll Is Dead

Port Royal have released another smashing single, this one ironically-titled Rock & Roll Is Dead. Relaying their love of classic rock, the song clearly belies its title, and is at once fiery, smooth and a bucketload of fun. The electric guitar riffs are incredibly catchy – hooking into your skin like fishing line that leaves you tangled up in the percussive drumbeats and echoing vocal harmonies. There is a youthful and light energy to the song despite its heavy guitar sound.

Port Royal delivers a track thrumming with their rock n’ roll heartbeat, adventurous and catchy with a counterweight of delightful electric guitar riffs and heavy rock sound.

Listen to the track and check out their tour dates below!

3 Fires Releases Disarming Single Lost and Alone

Despite its heavy title and lyrics, solo artist 3 Fires’ new single Lost and Alone is surprisingly charming and uplifting. As a producer as well as a vocalist, the depth of production from 3 Fires in the track is no surprise. His vocals are soaring and beautiful in the chorus. Condensing in electronic layers, rising synth notes, and a catchy beat behind it all, the song deserves at least a second listen to fully absorb.

Listen to Lost and Alone here!

The music video is an imagined post-apocalyptic accompaniment to the meaning of the song. It is purposeful and emotional, the images blurring and distorting to echo the electronic notes of the song throughout the video.

Watch it below!

Exciting New Noise by SPENDA C AND MISS BLANKS

Introducing Spenda C’s new heart pumping track My Type featuring our very own Brisbane rapper Miss Blanks. My Type is my kind of music perfect for the Saturday night pre’s or a blood pumping prep before a sweaty gym session.

This new collaboration is eccentrically different compared to their usually singles. Using middle eastern flutes riffs infused with electronic slaps and snaps the single doesn’t take long for the beat to drop. The most exciting part is the punching brass and the higher vocals by Miss Blanks. Creating a short breath of fresh air before the dirty rap verse takes over.

Spenda C talks about how the two met…

I met Miss Blanks at a show in Brisbane back in January last 2017. I sent her some beats soon after and we started jamming on My Type. This song has evolved from a pretty basic idea into an absolute party banger!
Thanks for the new killer music Miss Blanks and Spenda C !


Check out the single down below!


WHALEHOUSE Release Their Debut Single Sexy Whale Beach Party

The punk trio WHALEHOUSE debut their energetic sound with first-ever single Sexy Whale Beach Party. The track is aptly named, with its frantic party energy and electric drum and guitar beat. Rising frenetically as the song unfolds, you can’t help but be caught up in the wildness of the tempo and lead singer’s screaming delivery. This is a definite head-pumping punk track that you can’t help smiling along with at its insane lyrics. WHALEHOUSE certainly know how to have fun and get you engaged – even taking a humorous stab at themselves with the line “drum solo” before the instrumental break. Get ready for some roaring punk to scream through your earphones.

Listen to the single here!

Milk Factory Condensed: Sweetened @ The Milk Factory // 29.04.18

The white walls of the classic Queensland pub glistens in the afternoon sun. Rain clouds emerge from the surrounding buildings, but fortunately the the rain holds off.

As I walk in a find myself transported back into history with vintage Toohey’s posters and old furniture. However the modern printed music posters plastered on the walls reminds you that you’re still in the 21st century. Continue reading “Milk Factory Condensed: Sweetened @ The Milk Factory // 29.04.18”